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How do I care for my Kiwi Wraps?

Wash in cold water with a few drops of eco-friendly detergent or wipe down with a damp cloth.  Allow to air dry before storing in a cool dry place.  Avoid heat, warm water and raw meat.

How long will they last?

If they're used regularly and cared for properly they can last up to a year.

How are Kiwi Wraps made?

Kiwi Wraps are hand made in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand with 100% cotton fabric and a mixture of NZ bees wax, natural tree resin and jojoba oil.

What size is most versatile?

Our most popular size is the medium wrap (26cm x 32cm) suitable for wrapping sandwiches, a block of cheese, covering bowls and more. 

If you find your Kiwi Wrap is too big, you can easily cut it down to a size more suitable.

Small Wrap (19cm x 21cm) Wrap snacks and small cheeses, sliced apple, half an avocado and more.

Medium Wrap (26cm x 32cm) Ideal for wrapping sandwiches, desert bowls and a block of cheese.

Large Wrap (33cm x 36cm) Cover salad bowls, large sandwiches and half of a water melon.

Extra Large Wrap (40cm x 55) - Cover platters, bowls, a loaf of bread and more.