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Our story

Begin Your Waste Free Journey With Us!

We believe that going waste free should be an enjoyable journey and this is one of the reasons why Kiwi Wraps was created.  Rachel (founder) and her sister Claire (pro beeswax wrap maker) are two environmentally conscious Kiwi Mums who felt the need for change in their households, and removed plastic wrapping from their homes.

We now own Kiwi Wraps - we are a family whose youngest daughter, Emma, has Down Syndrome. For her whole life, our family has embraced an inclusive style for every activity we do. From surfing and tandem biking to zip lining across canyons, Emma takes part alongside her siblings, cousins and friends, and always tries to do what everyone else does. This business gives us an opportunity to provide employment for Emma. At the same time, we can continue the sustainable work that Rachel started, encouraging others to take one step towards waste free living and committing to guardianship and sustainability of our world for future generations.

With my experience in quality assurance and food safety, we are committed to continue to provide the high quality products our customers expect.